Monday 16 January 2017

Practice Random Acts of Art

The second week of Wanderlust. This was about creating a lot of layers and a focal point. Layers may be completely covered by later layers. Actually, I do not like that. It is a pity of the work. Luckily, I took some photos, so that some layers are still visible.

I started with blue and purple colours.

Next, I added some scrap papers, including one with dutch text, and painted with green and brownish colours. There is not much left of the first layer. White paint for the focal point, a little off center to make it more interesting. No idea yet, what will be in the focal point.

This is the final page. I added blue colours again, and made the focal point yellow. To finish and make it my own creation I used some Paperartsy stamps. The old timer is a very old rubon. It neatly fits in the focal point, which was not foreseen! The leafs and flowers are drawn with Zig markers.

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RosA said...

Hi Mark
I'm doing Wanderlust also. Last year's Wanderlust was great and I think this year's will be just as good!
I also found this lesson a challenge. It's difficult to cover up work which you already like. I wanted to leave some of my work from the very first layer showing, and I did :)
I like your intermediate step best :)

(I found your blog via Paper Artsy.)