Monday 25 June 2012

Take a Word - Insects

This week's theme at Take a Word is INSECTS. This is of my favourite themes!

The butterfly is stamped on a piece of fabric and coloured with Fresco Finish Paints. We learned this technique during the ArtsyCrafts event (see previous post). The card itself is very simple. A piece of design paper, some distress inks, and some PaperAtrsy stamps.

Monday 18 June 2012


My wife Ineke is also a crafter, and we like to attend workshops together. Usually I am the only man in a workshop. People always say how they love the fact that we are a crafting couple.

From 8-10 June, Ineke and I attended the ArtsyCrafts event in England, that was hosted by Leandra from PaperArtsy and Linda (aka Yours Artfully). This was a wonderful three day event, during which we made three projects.

The first project was to make a Fabric Book, using textile, stamps and paints. We had to stitch and sew it all together with a sewing machine. This was very new to me, but much fun to do. Below are the pages I made. These pages and the pages that Ineke made will be sewn together into a wall hanging.

On Saturday, we hinged 2 wooden frames together to make a sort of book filled with sewing notions. Not so much sewing on this, painting and other ideas went into this one. The front:

And inside:

Sunday was my favourite project, called 'Rusty Relic'. Again using a wooden frame, and lots of clay, metal mesh, paints, and rusting powder, the result was fabulous!

As the first two projects involved Sewing in one way or another, it also fits this week's challenge of Take a Word.