Thursday, 5 September 2013

3UP challenge

When Leandra from Paperartsy announced a new round of #PAtwits in July, I immediately replied that I wanted to play #3UP. A few days later, I received a big envelope with my 3UP package. It contained the following items:
  • Lynn Perella stamp set LPC010
  • 3 pieces of chipboard
  • 3 pieces of Heavyweight smoothy card
  • 3 blue buttons (Fabric Bobbles), 2 spools, a ribbon, a key
  • a colour swatch
  • a long letter with instructions

It also contained a card with all the Fresco Acrylics Paints colours. My colour swatch seems to consist of Vanilla, Pumpkin Soup and South Pacific. The last colour I have, but for the other two I had to find replacements from my own set of Fresco paints. I decided to use Nougat, and to mix Haystack and Butternut to match the Pumpkin Soup.

A real challenge ...

When I went on to read the long letter, panic hit me... The package contained a Lynn Perella stamp set. The letter said, we can use other Paperartsy stamps that belong to the same collection of stamps. This was probably meant to make it easier but not for me! I do not have any Lynn Perella stamps! Now there is a challenge!

I had no idea what to create with this package ... The only thing I could come up with was to create a triptych with the three pieces of chipboard. I wanted to use the complete stamp set. As I could not use other stamps, I had to find other ways to create the backgrounds.

And after a few days of thinking, and searching through our huge stash of crafting materials, some ideas were forming... I might be able to produce something that could be shown on the Paperartsy blog ...

The left panel

I coloured the left panel with the Haystack/Butternut mix, then applied Crackle Glaze using a palet knife. When dry I added a good layer of South Pacific. It crackled very good! I stamped the image on a piece of fabric with Versafine, and coloured it with watered-down paints. I then sewed it to another piece of fabric with some foam in between to create a cushion. To finish this panel, I cut the spools in half, and wound blue and orange yarn around the spools.

The center panel

For the center panel I used the largest image. First I coloured the Heavyweight smoothy card with Nougat where the face would be. I used the Haystack/Butternut mix where the gate would be. Then I stamped the image with Archival ink. When dry, I coloured the image with watered-down South Pacific. I coloured the chipboard with the Haystack/Butternut mix, and stamped the keys with Archival. The text is made by applying Snowflake through the Mini Art Is stencil (TCW261s). The crown is from Grungeboard and is coloured with Spanish Topaz Treasure Gold. The frame is made from metal sheet.

The right panel

I coloured the right panel with Nougat, and then stamped the image using Archival ink. I masked the image, and painted the background with South Pacific and Haystack/Butternut using baby wipes. I coloured the swirl using South Pacific and Sapphire Treasure Gold. To finish the panel, I added some embellishments from my own stash.

The complete picture

I attached the three panels with the ribbon to a bamboo rod to make a wall hanging. This is the final piece:

This was a fun challenge to do! At first, I did panic because of the stamps I received. After a few days of thinking, ideas were forming and I started to create the panels. At some point, the right panel was an absolute mess, so I decided to start over. This panel is now my favourite!

Leandra and Mark congratulations with your 10th anniversary! Keep up the good work!

Here is the link to the 3UP night in which this project appears: 3 UP Night Six: Lynne Perrella Collection.


craftimamma said...

Fabulous triptych Mark! Well done for creating an inspirational piece. You did a good match with your substitute for the colour you didn't have!

Lesley Xx

Marita Soutar said...

Great use of your #3Up stash. I like the way you attacked this challenge and your finished wall hanging.

ionabunny said...

Lovely use of the LP stamps. Well done and thanks for sharing