Saturday, 25 May 2013

Playing with grunge paste

Last weeks two very interesting courses for my work kept me very busy. I did not have time for crafting. Now these courses have finished, there is time again to get out the stamps, Fresco Finish Paints, and Grunge Paste. I watched all Leandra's videos on youtube about Grunge Paste. Of course, I had to try myself on a tag. This is the result.

I used a stencil with leaves. The right branch is applied directly on the tag, and I painted over it. This layer was probably too thin, I could not get the white back. For the left branch, I coloured some grunge paste with Hyde Park, and applied this on top of the paint. Here, I used more Grunge Paste, and the result is better.


Julie Ann Lee said...

The background colours are lovely and the face is effective. I like the way you've included the grunge paste branches; a really nice tag. x

Lucy Edmondson said...

Love this tag and the grungepaste leaves,

Lucy x

Leandra Franich said...

Ohh but I quite like the thin grunge, and I love the tinted one too! Thx for joining in Mark!