Friday, 11 July 2008

TMTA Colourful

This week's theme of TMTA is colourful. The two ATCs I created are as colourful as I could get!


Mam said...

Nice to see you. thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words. Wilbur Smith's Courtney family is awesome. I love the older ones. His very latest books, however, have disappointed me. Seems like the characters don't come alive for me like they did in the others. Michener's "Covenant" is also an excellent book on South Africa. Have you read it? If not, I feel sure you would enjoy it.
I absolutely love your atc work. Think about a trade. I don't trade with very many people, and never "sight unseen". Tried that and was disappointed. I was trying to choose a favorite from your page, but I really like them all.

Iris said...

Love the MonoLisa!!! Very nice!!!

Gio said...

I love it, especially the second one!